EVInstall is an independent supplier and installer of Electric Vehicle Charge Points. We work in partnership with leading electric vehicle charge point manufactures ensuring tailor made solutions for our customers every time.

We have installed over 60,000 units throughout the UK and Europe to date. Many of our products are OLEV approved and all our installers enabling a Government Funded Grant to reduce the cost of overall install and purchase of units.

We offer turn-key solutions for small or large businesses but can equally just provide the charging units should that be a better solution for you.

We offer a complete National service throughout the UK and are working alongside some leading names such as DHL, Volkswagen and McDonalds.

We have our own back office system with 24/7 support.

Car Parks, Multi Storey
and Apartment Chargers

  • Over 60,000 successful installs to date.
  • OLEV approved charge points and installations.
  • Smart technology. 
  • Load balancing.
  • Slow to Ultra Rapid. 
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Workplace Chargers

  • From 1 to 100 electric vehicle charge points
  • Tailor made solutions for your business, car park, customer and staff
  • Fully communicating with smart charging to monitor usage by individual
  • Load balancing so no effect on buildings electricity
  • OLEV grants available to Businesses
  • AC an d DC Charging units
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Truck, Bus, Van and DC Chargers

  • Europes narrowest 60KW DC charger
  • DC units from 15 -180 KW
  • Petrol Station
  • UK Wide installations
  • Discounts for multiple installations
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Industrial and Warehouse chargers

  • We offer a variety of different robust charging units to enable your company to run efficiently with all it’s electric vehicles.
  • Tailor made solutions to suit your specific requirements.
  • Fully branded units available on all makes and models of chargers.
  • From 3.4KW to 180KW charging units, we can find a solution to maximise all your needs.
  • Load balanced solutions enable your business to run without disruption whilst ensuring all vehicles remain charged and ready to use.
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Solar Bench

  • The Solar Bench is an outdoor designer bench with or without seats.
  • The solar panel turns the suns rays into electricity.
  • With six charging stations it creates a relaxed environment to work or chat with your friends whilst charging your devices.
  • Vandal resistant and solid in design.
  • No electrical feed required
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The Ecotap Load balancer ensures that your Electric Car always makes optimum use of the available power at all times.

Smart Charging Smart power distribution between the two sockets.

  • Optimized and dynamic loading process

Smart Grid

Smart power distribution between switched Ecotap charging stations.

  • Minimum current, maximum number of charging points
  • Optimized and dynamic charging process
  • Master-Slave configuration (Master monitors set connection value)
  • Future-oriented: expansion of number of charging points is possible.
  • Price-friendly installation

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What our customers say

We have opted for the robustness of the Ecotap charging points. We must be able to rely on the fact that every electric car can charge unlimited and safely 24/7. In addition, innovation, flexibility and good service are of great importance to be able to continue further cooperation with Ecotap in the future.
Erik Waatjes , Manager
A few weeks after the order was placed, a charging point has been placed with us. Immediately after placement we wanted to use the charging point but unfortunately we could not load yet, as we had chosen to load with registration. We first had to create an account via the Ecotap website and register. This was a simple operation so we were able to use the charging point after that.
Inge van den Burg , Individual