The perfect workplace or commercial installation

Over 45,000 successful installs to date.
OLEV approved charge points and installations.
Partners with Ecotap
Future proof installations.

Best Price Guaranteed

Communication requirements of chargers to monitor or charge for usage
Set your chosen customer price
Fleet Solutions
‘Free’ charging for staff/visitor


The Ecotap Load balancer ensures that your Electric Car always makes optimum use of the available power at all times.

Smart Charging Smart power distribution between the two sockets.

  • Optimized and dynamic loading process

Smart Grid

Smart power distribution between switched Ecotap charging stations.

  • Minimum current, maximum number of charging points
  • Optimized and dynamic charging process
  • Master-Slave configuration (Master monitors set connection value)
  • Future-oriented: expansion of number of charging points is possible.
  • Price-friendly installation

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